Who are we?

If you’ve been to the hip piercing studio in Plaza Midwood, you probably already know who we are.


The girl with the purple hair, the big blue eyes, and the unicorn business card? That’s us-- just a little less purple, but still just as magical.



Simply put, The Renegade Pearl Body Arts LLC is the dream of Charlotte’s most trusted body piercer, Dianna Brown.



Dianna started her career in 2008, in a rural town in the foothills of North Carolina. While completing her senior year in high school, Dianna balanced school, a teenage social life, and the most important thing she could have been doing at that time-- learning the craft that would become her career. After a lengthy apprenticeship, a period of managing the studio she grew up in, and many life lessons, Dianna closed her eyes and made what she thought would be the biggest leap of her life.


In early 2012, she made her move to Charlotte, NC. After a month of searching, she found herself exactly where she needed to be and where she would stay for many years. From 2012 to 2017, Dianna was a piercer, and eventually the manager, of Sadu Body Modifications in Charlotte’s trendy, funky Plaza Midwood neighborhood.


During her almost 6 year residency at Sadu, Dianna attended multiple Association of Professional Piercers (APP) yearly conferences in Las Vegas, NV, where she volunteered her time with the Association and took continuing education classes to better herself and expand her expertise across many industry-related topics. During her time at Sadu, Dianna helped establish new norms for jewelry quality and standards, aided in integrating new technology, and helped create an even more advanced customer experience for those that frequented the studio.


Fortunately, all good things must come to an end. In mid-2017, Dianna decided it was time to make another leap, this one towards a brighter, more focused future. After being offered a contracted spot in a respected and fantastic tattoo studio, she decided to incorporate her own business and focus on her own ventures. In August, The Renegade Pearl Body Arts, L.L.C was born. Dianna gave notice in December and the rest has been history in the making.


Dianna and her brand now call Green Light Tattoo home. While her location has changed, she’s still located in Plaza Midwood, the neighborhood that will always have her heart. Dianna is still providing quality, professional piercing services, in a sanitary and welcoming environment. She prides herself on her bedside manner, use of sterile tools, application of bloodborne pathogen and infectious disease control training, and strictly implant-grade jewelry that meets both ASTM and industry standards. 


We look forward to continuing to make Charlotte and the surrounding communities sparkle. 


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The Renegade Pearl Co. 

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