Planting Seeds of expression


I find it really fitting that I've started this blog post no less than 5 times over the last few weeks. I've unintentionally planted my own seeds of expression in myself and I've been hesitant to let them grow. Why? Let's get honest-- fear of judgment, fear of not creating a captivating enough blog post, fear of putting myself out there. Do you all experience those fears in your life? It's intense to think about how much power something as simple as writing a blog entry can hold. We really are just cucumbers with anxiety, aren't we?

How often do we see our peers doing things that we think we could never pull off? Like everyday, right? From piercings to hairstyles to crop tops to something as simple as writing a blog- it's surreal how many little seeds of expression we're all carrying around inside of us that we bury under self-doubt or fear of judgement. We allow our excuses and fears to rob us of the nutrients we need for these amazing experiences and feelings to grow.

The longer I continue in this career, the more people I'm fortunate enough to talk to. Over the years, I've come to notice a pattern. Every person I talk to, no matter where I am, who they are, or what paths they have walked in their life, has entertained the idea of getting a piercing. Even if it's something as simple as a set of second lobes, that little seed reveals itself in every conversation I have.

Recently, I had a brief chat with a woman--we'll call her Tara. When I asked if Tara had any piercings or had ever thought of getting pierced, she smiled and said, "oh, no, no. I just have my ear lobes pierced. That's enough for me!" Then Tara did what most people I engage with do-- she started to grow her little seed right there in front of me. After a pause, she told me about how she had wanted the 2nd holes in her ear lobes re-pierced, but she had had them done when she was a teenager and they didn't work out. We continued to chat for a few minutes, and then, before Tara excused herself, I saw her eyes light up in a familiarly mischievous way. I saw the seed sprout just a little more behind that sparkle. As she did the little bounce I see every client do when they're considering something new and exciting, she placed her finger on her nose and said, "I guess if I did annnnnnyyyything, It would be my nose. I have always wanted a tiny little gem..."

As genuine and fantastic as it was to talk to Tara, I could plug in a different name and different piercing and have had this interaction a million different times. Tara was a mom, a professional, someone who before our talk had maybe only observed and admired other women with piercings, but maybe didn't consider that she could have that little nostril piercing that spoke to her. We are all her at some point in our lives, aren't we?

If you do anything today, I want you to do this; I want you to stop and ask yourself, "What is stopping me from nurturing my seed of expression?" What, today, right this second, is holding you back from getting that nostril piercing? Wearing that daring outfit? Making that huge career change that you've been putting off? We have so many little seeds of expression buried deep inside of us, waiting to be fed by the light provided by that sparkle of potential in our eye. It's time to take control of our experiences, water the flower gardens of our souls, stop observing, and start allowing our expressive selves to grow tall and strong.

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