What a wonderful way to grow your plant collection! Our Mystery Cutting Box is our best seller and customer favorite! We love offering a fun box of a variety of common and uncommon plant cuttings! Every box comes with 10 unrooted plant cuttings, including 1 mystery cutting! The selection of cuttings in this box changes regularly, so if you've ordered 1 or 100, you never know what you're going to get!

We believe in expressing yourself and reflecting that self expression in your surroundings. "Rebel against the ordinary", we always say! Because of this, we love to think outside the box and provide a fun, exciting assortment of cuttings. This isn't your typical cutting box! We do include your staple houseplants, but also strive to seek out and include uncommon plants as well! We also believe that everyone should have access to super cool rare plants at an affordable cost, so we do include the occasional super rare mystery plant. Not every box is guaranteed to come with something like an adansonii, mini-monstera, treubii Moonlight, philodendron mican, or the occasional hard to find philodendrons (silver, pink, who knows!)-- but we do love to send out surprises often!

Mystery Cutting Box-Standard

    This will be a random assortment of unrooted plant cuttings. Having a knowledge of propagation and growing plants is strongly suggested if you are ordering one of these.No special requests will be considered— these are completely random.

    Orders can take 4-10 days to process and ship (Don't worry! Your cuttings are done the night before shipping to ensure freshness.)

    THESE ARE NOT FULLY ROOTED PLANTS. These are unrooted cuttings meant for propagation.

    -Cuttings are not individually marked. Each box comes with a content list and we are always happy to help you identify your plants if you have trouble identifying any of them.

    -Minor cosmetic damage to the plants/cuttings leaves should be anticipated. We send the prettiest plant we can, but nature is imperfect and they can't all be insta-ready right out of the box.
    -Rare/high value plants may only have one node in deluxe boxes or count as 2 plants if it has multiple nodes in either box. If this happens, it will only happen once per box and will only be applied to high value cuttings (satin pothos, pink princess, rare aroids etc.)
    -You are not purchasing the plant or cutting in the photo. You are purchasing a random assortment of cuttings that will be selected when your order is packed.
    -Please observe shipping and processing time. Choosing a faster shipping method will not expedite the processing time, only the time in transit.
    -Please be aware of any major (or minor) local or national events that could slow the mail- (ice storms, heat waves, godzilla, who knows what else because 2021 is already shaping up to be a doozy) and understand that these may cause a delay.
    -We are not responsible for any damage incurred during shipment. This includes but is not limited to frost, heat, or if your box got used as the official USPS soccer ball.
    -We are not responsible for the success of your cuttings. We will send you a happy, healthy little friend, but it's success and growth is the responsibility of the buyer and (literally) out of our hands once it ships. The success of your cuttings depends highly on your ability to and knowledge of propagation.
    -The free shipment option is USPS first class mail. If you would like priority or to insure your package, please upgrade your shipping method at checkout.
    -PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS AT CHECK OUT. We're always happy to process address changes if you accidentally submit the wrong one, but cannot guarantee it can be adjusted (example: if it's already been shipped). We are also not responsible for packages delivered to the wrong address or return to sender for inaccurate address.
    -Please note that "node" does not indicate leaf count.
    -This box is a variety box and may contain succulents and cacti.
    -It is not uncommon for plant cuttings to be stressed upon arrival. Stress can present as leaf dropping, "crispy" edges, wilting or limpness of the stem (especially in things like begonias and peperomia), and wilting or limpness of the leaves. These are all normal occurrences and do not indicate that your plant is dead. This is especially common during the hottest and coldest months of the year.
    -No refunds, returns, or exchanges.
    -If you're still reading this far, here's a code for 10% off this listing: ITPAYSTOREAD
    -If you have any questions or concerns, send us a message! We're always happy to chat.

    *The photos used in this listing are examples of previously sent mystery boxes and are not the exact variety you will receive. Sizes, styles, colors, and varieties vary depending on inventory, season, and availability.

    ** If you order a Deluxe and Standard at the same time, you will receive the same varieties in both orders. To diversify your order when ordering multiple products, please order multiple of the same size box.


  • An example of some of the plants we are pulling from include (but are not limited to):

    Golden Pothos
    Neon Pothos
    Heart Leaf philodendron
    Monstera Adansonii (swiss cheese plant)
    Queen Marble Pothos
    Brazil Philodendron
    Philodendron Micans
    Various Tradescantia (Wandering dude) -- Including hard to find varieties like Tradescantia Dark and Tradescantia White!
    Various Hoyas
    Scindapsus pictus
    Peperomia Bibi
    Peperomia Cubensis
    Peperomia Green
    Peperomia Teardrop- Variegated and standard
    Peperomia Ginny
    Peperomia Obtusifolia- Variegated and Green
    And various other peperomia varities
    Lipstick Plants- Varigated, regular, mini-leaf, Curly, Black Pagoda
    Goldfish Plant
    Callisia Repens
    Tahitian Bridal Veil
    Cebu Blue Pothos
    Various snake plants
    Various Cacti
    "String of" varieties

    And Many more!

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